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Aging and Opportunity - rarely, if ever, have people thought of "Aging" as a time of "Opportunity" but, with the advent of 20-30 additional years of life, today's seniors are determined to add meaningful life to those years, to remain self-reliant, and to give back to their communities and their world.

Entrepreneurship Trumps Aging!

In just a little over three years since Senior Entrepreneurship Works was founded in January 2012, the organization, designed to help seniors, aged 50+, launch their own businesses, has transformed into a "Movement" to ignite and empower an "Experienced Economy!"

The Experienced Economy recognizes the social, economic and environmental power of this huge and rapidly growing demographic - the most entrepreneurially driven cohort on the planet. Senior entrepreneurs, as research documents, are driving a new economy through their business startups, which dramatically impact workforce development, job creation, improved productivity and wealth creation as they pour investment dollars back into their communities.

While the majority of senior entrepreneurs create small and micro-businesses, they have an enormous cumulative affect on job creation. As Gina Harman, CEO, Accion USA says, "Of the 27.8 million businesses in the US, 91% have fewer than five employees. These businesses have been the largest net contributor of new jobs to the US economy in the past 15 years and collectively employ 50% of all private sector employees."

Moreover, according to the "One-in-Three" research sponsored by the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, "If one in three micro-enterprises in the US hired one additional employee, the US would be at full employment."

Senior Entrepreneurship Works is changing the negative paradigm of aging to one of positive and creative social and economic opportunities by activating seniors' wealth of experience, wisdom and resources to drive our new global Experienced Economy and boost prosperity for all ages.

Senior Entrepreneurship Works is strategically focusing on four pillars to grow and sustain this movement and amplify its impact: Entrepreneurship Education and Training; Access to Capital; Advocacy and Public Policy; and Research.

Our "Movement" is comprised of individuals, organizations, corporations and governments from all corners of the world working across sectors in unlikely coalitions and creating systems to boost economic self-reliance, vitality and growth for individuals, communities and - indeed - the world!

Be a Part of the "Movement!"

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